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Foxmead Observatory

Foxmead Observatory is a private astronomical observatory located in Severn Township east of the town of Coldwater.

Public education We offer star parties (observing sessions) and illustrated talks on astronomical subjects to schools, libraries, and community groups.
Astronomical research The telescopes at Foxmead are in use nearly every clear night, primarily measuring the brightness of variable stars and the movement of atmospheric features on the planet Jupiter.
Our equipment Our main telescope is a Celestron 28 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector, housed in a SkyShed POD observatory. We also have a number of other telescopes, including a Coronado 4 cm Personal Solar Telescope, used to view the Sun in the light of Hydrogen Alpha gas.

What are the skies going to be like tonight at Foxmead Observatory?

This Clear Sky Clock predicts cloud cover, transparency (the clearness of the sky), and seeing (the steadiness of images) at Foxmead Observatory in one-hour blocks for the next two days and nights.  Generally blue is good and white is bad.

Foxmead Observatory is owned and operated by Geoff Gaherty.